United Offshore Services C.V. 4. Equipment & materials supply

United Offshore Services C.V.

Appelweg 16
4782 PX Moerdijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)168 415140

United Offshore Services is a Dutch based company which, together with carefully selected partners, is a European technology leader in the design, production and supply of large diameter, high performance steel-wire and synthetic ropes, hoisting equipment and associated products intended for the Marine, Industrial and Offshore markets. The company meets the ever increasing demands dictated by customers with a strong reputation for dedication, quality, expertise and supporting services.

We do our utmost to be prominent as the leading manufacturer in our market segment. To persist in this challenge; safety, quality, service and skilled workmanship are the key factors within our company. We aim to protect the safety and health of our personnel and environment, and to conduct all our operations reliably and efficiently. To face the ever increasing demands of our customers we investigate, develop, test, innovate and explore new production methods, products and markets without compromising our excellent reputation that we have built up over the last years.

It is our vision to be recognized by our clients as the preferred supplier for our complete range of products and services.

Most of our clients operate in the offshore heavy lifting industry. The lifting equipment utilized by these clients is used extensively and under extreme conditions. Continuous optimal performance of the equipment is required as failure could have serious consequences. The best preventive measure is regular inspection of your equipment. United Offshore Services has highly trained and certified inspectors which can assess the integrity of cable-laid ropes, cable-laid slings, cable-laid grommets, single-laid ropes, single-laid slings, synthetic ropes, synthetic slings, shackles, chain blocks and other hoisting equipment. Our inspectors hold valid offshore permits and work in accordance with international guidelines i.e. ILO 152, LOLER, ISO 8792 and the code of practice of safety and health in ports.

Jan-Willem Visscher, Managing Director
Edwin Jefferies, Commerial Manager