Seaway 7 3. Contracting, installation and transport

Seaway 7

Louis Pasteurlaan 5
2719 EE Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)79 3637700

Seaway 7, the Renewables business unit of Subsea 7, is a uniquely capable and experienced partner for the delivery of offshore wind farm projects as well as specialist heavy lifting and cable installation services. With combined expertise in project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication, heavy lifting and cable installation services, Seaway 7 delivers these services in a comprehensive array of contractual structures including EPCI, T&I and BoP to our clients in the offshore energy sector.

Seaway 7 operates through 4 service lines:

Heavy Lifting
Transportation and installation of offshore structures

Offshore Cables
EPIC & T&I of submarine cables & umbilicals, trenching and IMR related business

Delivery of EPCI solutions for the Renewables sector

Integrated Projects and Floating Wind
Delivery of integrated T&I solutions for the Renewables sector and Floating Wind development

Seaway 7 has sales offices in Providence (US) and Hamburg (Germany), as well as a project office in Taipei (Taiwan) to support the various projects currently in hand in Taiwan.

Seaway 7 provides services supported by four dedicated specialist vessels, augmented by access to vessels from Subsea 7’s fleet which can provide additional asset support when required. The HLV Seaway Strashnov and Seaway Yudin, as well as the Cable-Lay Vessel Seaway Aimery and Installation Support Vessel Seaway Moxie are dedicated to Seaway 7.

The combination of Heavy Lifting, Offshore Cable installation and EPCI capabilities and expertise, makes Seaway 7 a uniquely capable partner of choice for the delivery of your offshore projects.