Cebo Holland B.V. 5. Equipment Supply

Cebo Holland B.V.

P.O.Box 70
1970 AB IJmuiden
The Netherlands
+31 (0)255 546262

The Cebo group supplies a complete range of products, services, equipment and expertise for their clients’ many applications within the oil and gas exploration industry worldwide, with particular emphasis on barytes, bentonites and oilwell cements.

These minerals are imported from all over the world and are milled to customers’ specification in Cebo’s facilities in IJmuiden. Cebo’s grinding plant has an annual capacity of over 300,000 tons. The finished product is available in either bulk or various types of packaging for direct distribution to customers or to Cebo’s other warehouses in the Netherlands and Great Britain. Strategically located supply bases, control of their own sea-going vessels and a bulk land transport fleet ensure that customers can be supplied without delay on a 24 hour basis, 365 days per year.

Moreover, the facilities and know-how which Cebo has developed in the oil and gas exploration industry, enables Cebo to provide the techniques and materials for a number of non-oilfield applications such as horizontal drilling, civil engineering, ballast, fluid power/hose management and environmental applications.

Throughout the organization Cebo works to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Their laboratories and extensive technical expertise guarantee continuous quality control of all products and services. In addition to their quality control function, Cebo’s laboratory staff researches and advises on a wide range of industrial applications.

Westerduinweg 1
1976 BV IJmuiden
The Netherlands

Offices/stocking points:
IJmuiden - NL
Den Helder - NL
Aberdeen - U.K.
Great Yarmouth - U.K.

Mr. L. van Tooren