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Highlighted Offshore Energy & Oil & Gas Market
Over the years Iv-Oil & Gas has taken on quite a few offshore wind projects. The picture above shows the TenneT - Borssele Alpha Offshore Substation; 700 MW 66kV/220kV. This project has been awarded to HSM Offshore, who subcontracted the engineering and design of the topside and jacket and procurement support, including the integration of the TenneT’s free issued High Voltage components and the balance of plant materials to Iv-Oil & Gas. One of the recent awarded projects is TenneT’s Borssele Beta Project (700 MW). Iv-Oil & Gas is responsible for the same parts of the works as for Borssele Alpha Offshore Substation.

Our Company
Iv-Oil & Gas is a division of the multidisciplinary engineering company, Iv-Groep. The service range of Iv-Oil & Gas encompasses projects in the Oil & Gas industry, at both onshore and offshore (fixed or floating) locations as well as in the Wind Energy Industry. Our capabilities range from feasibility studies to turnkey contracts, including Project Management, Design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning activities for all leading operators within the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Energy industry.

Why work with us?
Our pragmatic approach, combined with years of experience, has established us as a leading service provider within the Oil & Gas and Wind Energy market. We have been implementing value engineering in our projects and a systematic approach has been developed to lower the cost without jeopardising the functionality of the installation and keeping a watchful eye on Health, Safety and Environment.

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