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Iv-Offshore & Energy has over 20 years experience in the offshore energy industry and is among the ten leading engineering companies in the Netherlands. Our competences range from developing initial feasibility studies, up to, and including, the execution of all engineering and procurement activities within (EPCI) projects for leading operators working in the Offshore Wind Energy and Oil & Gas industries. In every project we strive to utilise our unique technical knowledge to achieve the utmost beneficial results, whilst making a valuable contribution to the development of sustainable energy.

Highlighted Project
The image above shows the UKs first HVDC Converter platform to be installed for the Sofia Offshore Wind Farm project. With a total capacity of 1.4 GW, it is the largest Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project Iv-Offshore & Energy has ever worked on.

Following construction in Batam, Indonesia, the platform will be transported to an area known as Doggersbank off the coast of North East England. Once installed, the platform will convert 66 kilovolts (kV) of alternating current (AC) to 320 kV of direct current (DC) supplying approximately 1.2 million British homes with sustainable energy. Iv-Offshore & Energy is fully responsible for the engineering and platform integration. We also provide full procurement support.

Why work with us?
Our pragmatic approach, combined with a proven track record, has established us as a leading service provider to the Wind Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. By implementing explicit engineering knowledge and technology know-how, Iv-Offshore & Energy translates the most complex of enterprises into feasible, cost-efficient solutions.

Mr. Wim Bal, Director
Mr. Fedor van Veen, Managing Director
Mr. Theo Driever, Engineering Manager
Mr. Wilfred van Bergen, Business Development/Commercial Manager