BRIDGES2000 B.V. 2. Construction, fabrication, shipbuilding and repair


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The Netherlands
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BRIDGES2000 is a rental- and bridge and gangway building company that provides safe accessibility. We utilize various types of gangways, bridges, fenders, and pontoons. For over 23 years, BRIDGES2000 has been serving the maritime, civil, event, and increasingly the offshore sector. With our in-house production unit, modular off-the-shelf applications, and innovative mindset, nearly every demand can be met. We deliver for every safe accessibility what is needed.
We deliver - Fast, always in time, Safe, Fit for purpose.

For ankering your projects there is special equipment needed. Next to bridges, gangways, fenders and pontons, we also deliver, in rental, Multicats. They are light, fast operational and easy to maneuver.
This means a lot of time saving.

In the current offshore access industry there are many suppliers of active heave compensated systems that work from ship-to-island, ship-to-platform or ship-to-jack up. But never the other way around. BRIDGES2000 will presents and deliver soon the CGS 2 SYSTEM – which will solve this problem and will be of a high added value to your safe operations. 

As BRIDGES2000 value safety as the highest priority in our company strategy we also train people to act safe in general under maritime conditions and particular with our equipment and services.

Since the beginning of 2021 we have founded Seventh Bridges Project Management Services LLC  in Dubai (UAE) to serve initial the maritime and offshore market in the GCC and eventually in future other Middle East countries. Later civil and events products and services will follow. With local partners we will build, serve and rent out on the same safe and on time delivery conditions as per our reputation in these markets.

Seventh Bridges Project Management Services LLC and BRIDGES2000 are also delivering project management and services for platforms, habitats and floating harbors.

Contact details:
Hendrik van der Ham - Founder

Rotterdam (The Netherlands) +31 (0)108201770

Dubai (UAE) +971 (0)503635097