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SDC Verifier

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SDC Verifier is an engineering company specifies on mechanical and structural design and provides engineering consultancy services with the expertise in the field of FEM analysis in Marine and Offshore, Oil and Gas, Civil, Consumer Products industries.

The SDC Verifier software is a powerful code checking tool that works within different FEA solutions such as ANSYS, Femap, Simcenter 3D.

Standard Verification is a cornerstone of the modern process of designing and building new structures or inspecting the old ones. SDC Verifiers helps to automatically verify your FEA results according to multiple industry standards such as DIN, EN, Eurocode, FEM, AISC, Norsok, ISO, DNV GL, ABS, FKM, API, ASME without the need of creating any additional models or spreadsheets and generate all the required documentation in extensive calculation reports.

SDC Verifier speeds up the design phase by storing the full calculation process. A recalculation after a modification requires just a single click. All calculation settings are reapplied to the new model and FEM results.

With the unique recognition tools, structural items such as beam members, plates, welds, stiffeners, panels, and joints can be found on your model and directly verified according to any specific requirements.

The code of the checks is completely open so you can modify the formulas of a standard or write your own custom rules.

Report Wizard gives a possibility to define step by step items of the report. It is possible to generate a Word report from a wizard or to keep working with the report structure in a designer.

Report Designer is an advanced tool that helps to change the structure of the report, move items, preview immediately results and edit/modify parts, structure. It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or export to MS Word to add extra information to calculation report such as comments, images, conclusions if necessary.

Oleg Ishchuk, COO
+31 (0)15 4550565