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Bennet & Boss

Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indiƫ 131H
2593 BM Den Haag
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 2006700

Bennet & Boss is a highly specialized and internationally oriented consultancy and project services organization. Bennet & Boss sources and connects talented candidates to complex engineer projects within several sectors of the Oil & Gas industry. Bennet & Boss offers solutions for a wide a range of personnel related capacity demands within Engineering, Project Management, Maintenance and Procurement targeting the sectors Renewable Energy, Naval & Marine, Process and Energy & Power.

Detailed knowledge of processes and systems and up-to-date insights in job market development allows Bennet & Boss to lead organisations in planning and excellent execution of projects. The high level of service offered is derived from the core values: professionalism, expertise and engagement.

Bennet & Boss invests and builds a long term relationship.Due to awareness of the impacts of industrial trends and development on the capacity demands of an organisation, Bennet & Boss efficiently and purposefully finds the right candidate for a specific project. The high level of engagement enables Bennet & Boss to gain perspective of its stakeholders and create the right partnerships between the organizational culture of our clients and the personality and talent of our candidates.  

Bennet & Boss consists of a team of experts. Bennet & Boss’ experienced consultants and job market specialists are able to offer up-to-date knowledge, hands-on experience and engagement, thanks to international expertise in engineering projects, as well as related cultural and financial aspects. 

At Bennet & Boss, professionalism is translated to transparent agreements. Bennet & Boss values transparency and open communication. As an organization Bennet & Boss takes responsibility in complying to professionals agreements that are made. In order to provide and maintain the high level of service, our business interaction is organized efficiently and purposefully. 

Bennet & Boss.
Consultancy & Project Services at the highest level. 

Jacques Borst, Director,
Gert de Boer, Operational Director,
Theo Linnenbank, Financial Director,