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The Netherlands

Aestimavi delivers certification services for installations, systems and personnel.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.
What is installation compliance without a management system that maintains your installation integrity? Personnel is key in this, and must therefore be competent and dedicated in covering all management aspects. Safety and quality are derived from competency throughout the entire lifecycle.

We deliver no-nonsense certification services, consultancy and vocational training.

We provide specialist services through registered discipline specialists:
- Technical inspections to evaluate installation status with an improvement plan
- Commissioning with documented proof of installation compliance and maintenance readiness
- Asset management to maintain availability and integrity with safety
- Risk prevention through Risk Based Inspection and Reliability Centred Maintenance
- Personnel Training and Certification
- Human Resource Competency Management
- ISO 55000 Certification
- Masterclasses on various topics, such as Commissioning, Project Management, RBI & RCM, Asset Management and ISO 55000 Compliance

Our dedicated specialists are at your service!
Aestimavi - Certifications

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