Wagenborg Foxdrill 4. Contracting, Transport & Installation

Wagenborg Foxdrill

Kampenstraat 14
7575 EK Oldenzaal
The Netherlands
+31 (0)541 580500

Wagenborg Foxdrill established in 1967, is an all-round service provider to oil, gas and renewables industries. Being part of Wagenborg group means it can team up with marine, lifting and logistical experts and assets to provide a complete service range.

Rig Surveys: independent rig surveys on all types of onshore and offshore drilling rigs. This includes: (intrusive) Condition surveys, Site / Factory Acceptance tests, Compliance surveys, and EX surveys.

Maintenance: WF can service Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic equipment, including HP equipment. WF is also experienced in inspecting and maintaining EX equipment. Maintenance can be complemented with software to manage the entire process.

Inspections: WF has experienced and proactive inspection teams available to conduct API 4G inspections of your derrick, including NDT of critical areas. Additionally Dropped Object surveys are offered to assist in reducing this hazard on your asset.

Repair: Repairs such exchange/alignment of guidetracks, (crown) sheave replacement, AHC cylinder replacement, cleaning/touch up of (non)coated surfaces and modifications of vent lines can all be carried out by WF. Even complete beef-up of a derrick is part of the inhouse experience available

Conductor installation & supply: Turnkey conductor installation packages, including driveability study, supply of the conductors and the actual installation. It can be provided both on- and offshore. WF has an extensive international installation track record.

Derrick Assembly: Complete assembly of landrigs or offshore derricks. WF has years of experience with a variety of rig/derrick types: Cluster slider rigs, dessert rigs, single and dual derricks.

Rig Moves & Consultancy: WF has carried out hundreds of rigmoves. For clients this means that safety is increased and rig moving times are (significantly) reduced. With other Wagenborg companies also door-to-door rigmoves overseas are possible.

Nick Visser, Commercial Project Manager