Huisman 2. Construction, fabrication, shipbuilding and repair


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The Netherlands
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Huisman is a worldwide supplier of stepchanging technical solutions to leading companies in the oil and gas, renewable energy, entertainment and civil markets. Our projects vary from stand-alone components to highly engineered and integrated systems, from concept to installation and lifetime support. A dedicated worldwide operating service team of skilled professionals is on stand-by to provide advice, training and service support before, during and after delivery to Huisman equipment owners and third parties.

Huisman’s in-house developed and manufactured cranes have become a standard in the design and construction of heavy lift cranes. We develop and build a wide range of both on- and offshore cranes, varying in size and type. Besides a range of standardised cranes, we have extensive experience in providing tailor made cranes. In either case, our solutions have proven to be cost effective in total cost of ownership.

We deliver integrated systems such as Flex-lay, S-lay, J-lay, and Reel-lay systems, as well as combinations of these lay methods. In addition, we provide a full packages of related stand-alone equipment.

Huisman offers complete drilling packages and is dedicated to explore and realise new solutions to improve drilling operations. Our projects are typically complex and innovative, requiring solution-aimed thinking, technical excellence and partnerships with our clients. This has resulted in a number of new value-adding solutions and delivery of innovative and technically challenging drilling equipment sets.

Offshore Wind
Building on the successful operation of existing Huisman products for the installation of offshore wind turbines and foundations, Huisman developed a dedicated range of cranes and installation tools for the offshore wind industry. We deliver pedestal cranes and mast cranes for both jack-up vessels and floating vessels and developed sophisticated monopile gripper systems and motion compensation systems for floating installation and maintenance works on the future’s wind turbines. 

The Huisman operations are divided between the facilities in China, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, and sales and service offices in Brazil, Norway, Singapore and the USA.