Fluiconnecto B.V. 5. Equipment Supply

Fluiconnecto B.V.

Van der Giessenweg 9
2921 LP Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
+31 (0)180 511411

Fluiconnecto is a leading international service organization, focused on high pressure hoses and fluid connectors, providing products and application knowledge, as well as maintenance services, to all market segments through a global network tailored to local conditions.

Global availability
Fluiconnecto’s services are made available at the customer’s doorstep in 5 continents, through an ever-growing network of Hydroshops (service points), on-site Workshops and Service on-site Vans.

Oil & Gas Product range
- Hoses for Drilling applications: rotary/vibrator, choke&kill, BOP, cementing, slickline/wireline, grease injection
- Hoses for General oil hydraulics: high pressure hydraulic lines, high temperature return lines
- Hoses for Transfer: transfer of liquid and solid substances, high temperature air/compressor/oil, bulk material transfer
- Connectors: drilling connectors, quick couplings, hydraulic connectors
- Accessories

Oil & Gas Services
- 24/7 on site maintenance both on & offshore
- Risk Based Inspection
- Preventive maintenance
- Hose management program
- Hydraulic service, repairs & overhaul

Fluiconnecto’s Oil & Gas clients include:
- Leading global offshore jack-up company
- Balanced pressure + wireline services company
- Heavy constructions building company
- Drilling equipment companies
- Global shipyards
- Dredging companies
- Fleet owners

Mr. Ronald van Ooijen, Manager Service & Projects