Brooks Instrument B.V. 5. Equipment Supply

Brooks Instrument B.V.

Einsteinstraat 53
3902 HN Veenendaal
The Netherlands
+31 (0)318 549300

Brooks Instrument is a company of highly trained specialists with 70 years of experience in development and manufacturing of flow meters.

Brooks Instrument’s portfolio includes:
- Metal tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters
- Glass tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters
- Thermal Mass Flow meters and controllers
- Coriolis Mass Flow meters and controllers
- Pressure controllers and regulators
- Variety of flow accessories

Serving EPC companies in the oil & gas industries all over the world, we have many years of experience with handling projects, project documentation and test requirements. 

The strength of Brooks Instrument is the ability to produce Variable Area (VA) flow meters for extreme conditions such as:
- Low- and high temperatures (-50 °C up to 325 °C)
- High pressures (> 1000 bar)
- Flow measurement of aggressive chemicals by applying specific alloys

All our metal tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters can be provided with international and local approvals for safe use.

Brooks Instrument has manufacturing locations, sales, and service offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

André den Haan, Project Sales Director