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Mokveld, axial valves - the key to reliability

Mokveld contributes to safe, reliable and sustainable development of our world’s natural oil, gas and water resources by means of expert knowledge and integrated valve systems for critical control and safety applications. Mokveld is main supplier of large size heavy-duty pressure control, HIPPS and flow control applications in the transmission and upstream markets. 

Axial flow valves
Mokveld is specialized in designing and manufacturing axial control-, check-, on/off-, choke- and surge relief valves with associated instrumented systems, tailor-made to application and customers specifications. Sizes from 2” up to 84” with pressure ratings up to API 15.000. 

Subsea valves
Mokveld’s axial valve design is also qualified for subsea anti-surge and separator control applications. In addition the valve design can be used for subsea HIPPS applications as per API RP170.

NEW: Low shear control valve
The low shear flow control Typhoon® System, is the most straightforward and cost efficient manner to improve separation of mixed liquids. No additional equipment, expensive modifications, high heat input or chemicals are required. Just install Mokveld Typhoon® System in place of conventional choke or level control valve and separation is improved.

Quality and HSE
Mokveld considers quality and health, safety and environment prime objectives for successful completion of any project. A certified Functional Safety Management System and an integrated QHSE management system focuses on continuous improvement. 

Global service
And as you would expect from a global company, you can depend on reliable support services too. A global network, combined with local support centers, enables Mokveld to provide you with assistance, wherever in the world you need it. The support services include installation, maintenance or modernization services.