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Good and safe drinking water is essential on-board your offshore platform or rig. You can find an up-to-date and sophisticated range of products, engineered systems and services at Hatenboer-Water. Rely on their long expertise with refits, design and new building. Hatenboer-Water designs all equipment according to your wishes and specifications from makers standard up to fully (atex) specs.

Water Production - fresh water generators
Plug-and-play, fully skid built, available in wide range of capacities. Proven heavy-duty designs and according to your specifications, in use on numerous vessels and rigs, for many applications (FPSO/LQ/etc) and on many operating areas, for example:
TransOcean | Nexen | Vantage Drilling | Gaz de France | Atwood Oceanics | Odebrecht
Libra | Culzean | Kaombo | Cygnus | Golden Eagle | Stones | Auk | Frade

Water Distribution
Plug-and-play hydrophore modules for cold and hot water, completely pre-assembled including equipment for pressurizing, disinfection and heating or cooling of potable water.

Water Disinfection - corrosion and bio-film prevention
To prevent serious health risks and an unsafe environment on rigs or platforms, Hatenboer-Water’s scope of supply includes a wide range of disinfection products like Hadex drinking water disinfectant, Demitec UV and copper-silver ionisation to guarantee water is free from bacteria like Legionella or E-coli.

Risk Management
Existing systems can be upgraded to a safe system by implementing our tailor-made risk assessment and management plan. Other services are worldwide sampling, analysis, quality reports and on-board and potable water training that is NipH approved.

Hatenboer-Water’s complete scope of supply includes:
- Reverse osmosis water maker systems
- Hydrophore systems
- Filters and filter materials
- Calorifiers
- Pumps and dosing equipment
- Test kits and analysis equipment
- Spare parts and consumables

With a complete delivery program for potable water, including engineering, workshop, warehouse, technical services and consultancy, Hatenboer-Water continues to serve you swiftly, with flexible and made-to-measure equipment.

Netherlands | Chris Derksen, Manager Sales
Singapore | Guy Heijnen, Managing Director