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Fugro N.V.

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2260 AA Leidschendam
The Netherlands
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Fugro is the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources. We collect data on topography, soil composition and environmental conditions and organise the acquired data, adding value through processing, interpretation and visualisation. In addition, we provide geo-related design, asset inspection and integrity advice in a range of services that are critical for the entire life-cycle of large marine and land construction and infrastructure projects.

Of international repute is our investment in technology that continues to deliver innovations and pioneering methodologies for long term sustainability. Fugro’s development of technology and techniques has transformed the speed and efficiency of data gathering, the quality and reliability of acquired data and the knowledge that can be extracted from it. This has played a key role in the development of North Sea oil and gas since the 1970s, and today in the facilitation of sustainable energy, deep sea and public sector projects across Europe.

Oil and Gas
Fugro supports all operational stages, from resource exploration and infrastructure development to oil and gas production and transportation as well as decommissioning. We provide an integrated package of services that deliver critical knowledge and essential operational support and all our activities are planned and executed with the highest focus on safety.

Renewable Energy
We facilitate, drive and support energy projects throughout the world, supplying the data and services that enhance the safety, efficiency and reliability of design, construction and maintenance activities. This, in turn, adds value and assurance to every stage of energy projects. Fugro is the only company that can provide a complete life-of-project suite of services throughout the development of offshore wind facilities.

In Europe and Around the World
With regional offices in strategic global locations co-ordinating diverse geotechnical and survey projects, Fugro has a pronounced presence across the whole of Europe. We work with clients in the oil and gas and sustainable energy industries, and on significant construction, infrastructure, water management and mining projects, contributing to efficiency, safety and performance.