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The Netherlands
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Nearly 100 years of shipbuilding and repair has demonstrated to us that success comes through living a philosophy that values planning for the long term and developing relationships that endure across the generations. Through this, Damen has become a trusted partner rather than simply a supplier in each of the sectors it operates, gaining a depth of understanding that can only be acquired with time, experience and mutual cooperation. The offshore oil and gas sector is one that brings precisely the design and engineering challenges that Damen loves. As a fast moving sector that is exceptionally sensitive to changes in the price of its end product, it demands products that are flexible, adaptable and which deliver the maximum return on their investment. This ties in directly with the Damen approach to creating vessels that always go a step further.

By combining a wide-ranging R&D and engineering programme with continuous feedback from both customers and the market as a whole, Damen has developed vessel classes that provide ships to support offshore operations at every scale. Innovative design and engineering, a culture of quality and the ground-breaking use of standardised platforms and techniques delivers vessels in minimal lead times that set out to exceed the expectations of the end-user. Attention to detail has also yielded ships with superior seakeeping qualities and high levels of crew comfort, all designed to boost productivity. It is this solutions-driven approach to its work that makes continuous improvement a reality at all Damen’s yards. Building on this experience, the business unit Damen Cruise & Offshore is aiming to take Damen’s newbuilding proposition a step further. The entity focuses on the more one-off, complex designs supported by Damen’s own engineering capacity as well as with partners and clients. Besides offshore, the business unit targets the cruise and RoRo/Ropax markets.

Damen Shiprepair and Conversion’s focus on refitting and repairing very large vessels, including FPSOs and rigs, demonstrates the world-class facilities and capabilities that it has to offer the offshore sector. It invests heavily in training its workforce and encourages its employees to seek the challenges that best suit their talents and interests. Innovative thinking and finding new ways to increase efficiency and utility are strongly encouraged.

Bert-Jan ter Riet, Managing Director Cruise & Offshore

Ruud van der Stroom, Commercial Director Offshore