Van Dam B.V. 4. Equipment & materials supply

Van Dam B.V.

Plaza 16
4782 SK Moerdijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)167 529600

Fire and blast protective products and solutions to protect personnel and critical equipment
We wish to supply a variety of products to the offshore wind, oil & gas and defense/infra markets from our central organisation in the Netherlands. We do this with a staff that is highly knowledgeable in fire and explosion proof products and associated products, whereby production activities will take place worldwide. Van Dam B.V. is a genuine project organisation, whereby all departments contribute towards the successful completion of a project. The organisation has more than 100 years of experience in projects for international customers who maintain the highest of standards, such as IMO Solas, NORSOK, USCG and other specifications. Our organization is fully geared up, and qualified, to face and match the challenges of your complex Design & Build projects.

Fire & Blast Rated Doors, designed to the highest standards and longevity (30+ years), customizable to project or customer requirements.

Fire & Blast Rated Windows, complete with frames ready for installation in the bulkhead. The window unit fits any wall partition system with help of a window box.

Fire & Blast Rated Wall Systems & Cladding, completely pre-fabricated heavy, medium and light weight wall systems. The systems will be designed for your specific requirements and you can add components and or penetrations.

Maintenance & Repair, focuses on regional and international maintenance and repair market for the architectural business, based on the current Van Dam product portfolio and also on the maintenance and repair of living quarters, accommodations and blast resistant modules.

Mr. T. Klaver, Manager Sales