Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam B.V. 1. Engineering, Consultancy & Research

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam B.V.

P.O.Box 4002
3006 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 88 0155115


Vuyk services the maritime oil & gas and renewables markets with design and engineering propositions. Vuyk is the high-tech performing company in their markets and a well-known address for tailor made ship designs, equipment designs and marine operations engineering. Customers are served with design and engineering solutions even for the most complex requests. 

Vuyk specialists work on direct orders of customers from the beginning of a new project. In this early project stage Vuyk engineers advise customers on design matters and make sure anything is provided between feasibility studies and full basic designs. Vuyk’s crew has a well spread educational background, ranging from polytechnic to master of science levels. The average engineering experience within the company is exceptional in the maritime market.

The different design phases support customers to get better grip on their needs and ideas for new vessels, conversions, equipment and marine operations. With the Vuyk design and engineering packages customers are able to prepare a well-integrated and complete tender package. Resulting in high quality and comparable yard quotations in a short period of time.

Any design made by Vuyk is a one-off, providing solutions to a customer’s specific need. This is how a customer can stay ahead of the competition. One of the unique propositions is that customers can opt to build a Vuyk design at a third-party yard. However, Vuyk is able to propose the ‘total package’, which include a ship building contract within the Royal IHC group after the front end design phase. When these advantages are not requested by a customer, Vuyk will make use of their independent design position and confidentiality also within the group is guaranteed. This independent position is proved to be successful already many times. 

- Independent, customer specific, no nonsense, smart and safe designs.
- Simple and proven when possible, ground breaking when needed.
- All disciplines available in-house, with exceptional years of engineering experience
- Vast track record of multiple types of vessel and equipment design and marine operations