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Royal IHC

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The Netherlands
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In an ever-changing political and economic landscape, Royal IHC enables its customers to execute complex projects - from sea level to ocean floor - in the most challenging of maritime environments. We are a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets. At IHC, we have the capacity to think beyond technology and, in close collaboration with all stake holders, create the optimal solution for our customers projects.

With a history steeped in Dutch shipbuilding since the mid-17th Century, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of engineering and manufacturing high-performance integrated vessels and equipment, and providing sustainable services. From our head office in The Netherlands and with 3,000 employees working from sites and offices on a global basis, we are able to ensure a local presence and support on every continent.

IHC has an impressive track record of delivering innovative solutions to major subsea construction companies, ship owners and oil companies. Our challenge is to provide the most suitable proposition for our customers’ business case, in which: the requirement is defining, the operating philosophy is leading, safety is paramount, technology is the means, efficiency and durability are embedded, and support is guaranteed.

Our task is to add value throughout the total process - from initial contact with customers to operational support of the product. Whether it be the provision of a creative solution for project financing, an innovative product design or a service support agreement, IHC incorporates these in the most advantageous proposition to create a sound business model.

Royal IHC. The technology innovator.