EverSea N.V. 4. Contracting, Transport & Installation

EverSea N.V.

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B 2070 Zwijndrecht
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Your Offshore Partner
As part of GeoSea NV, EverSea NV is a specialist in complex offshore marine construction projects. EverSea NV offers a wide variety of services in the sector of offshore Oil & Gas.

EverSea NV relies on its ability to provide innovative and reliable solutions through high-tech equipment. EverSea NV operates a fleet of seven DP2 jack-up vessels and one high specification DP3 heavy lift vessel.

- ‘Orion’ with 5000 ton crane, 35m radious, floating DP3 vessel (new build delivery 2019)
- ‘Apollo’ with 800 ton crane, water depth 65m
- ‘Innovation’ with 1500 ton crane, water depth 45m
- ‘Sea challenger’  with 900 ton crane, water depth 45m
- ‘Sea Installer’ with 900 ton crane, water depth 45m
- ‘Neptune’ with 600 ton crane, water depth 40m
- ‘Thor’ with 500 ton crane, water depth 40m
- ‘Goliath’ with 400 ton crane, water depth 40m

- Platform Installation
- Decommissioning works including preparation, removal and - disposal
- Plug & Abandonment of wells (P&A)
- Well Service Intervention
- Accommodation and Maintenance Services
- Carbon Capture & Storage (CSS)

Mr. Niels van Berlaer, General Manager

Member of the DEME Group
Member of DECOM North Sea
FPAL Verified: 10054164