Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V. 5. Equipment Supply

Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V.

Aambeeld 19
1671 NT Medemblik
The Netherlands
+31 (0)227 549100

Specialized in Design and Manufacturing of Industrial Heating Equipment and Installations

Sinus Jevi Electric Heating is based in Medemblik, the Netherlands and from there operates as the Electrical Heating specialist and supplier throughout the world.

We serve several industries such as the Petrochemical On- and Offshore industry,
the Chemical and Process industry, Food, Building and other industries with
electrical heating products and associated controls equipment.

As one of the pioneers in the field of Explosion proof Heating equipment we today still operate at the forefront. We run IEC-Ex as well as ATEX and TR-CU Ex- certified product lines.

For all Heaters we can offer the appropriate Control Panel of our own design. 

Both our engineered and our standardized products are ATEX and
IEC-Ex certified. The associated Vessels are engineered and
calculated to EN 13445, ASMI-VIII, RtoD or AD2000.

The manufacturing programme contains:
- (Explosion proof) Immersion Heater Batteries
- (Explosion proof) Heater Vessels
- (Explosion proof) Air Heaters
- (Explosion proof) Gas Heaters
- Miscellaneous Industrial Appliances
- Control Panels

Special applications:
- (Explosion proof) Water Cooled Load Resistors
- (Explosion proof) Air Cooled Load Resistors
- Heating and Super Heating Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Regeneration Gas, Steam, etc.
- Heating Mineral, Heavy and Heat Transfer Oil
- Glycol Regeneration Boilers
- Fuel Gas Pre and After Heating

Sinus Jevi Electric Heating B.V. is part of the NIBE group, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange