Jumbo 3. Contracting, installation and transport


Havenstraat 23
3115 HC Schiedam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 7900300

Jumbo is a privately owned company with a state-of-the-art and versatile fleet of specialised offshore transportation and installation vessels which are operated worldwide in both the Oil & Gas and Renewables industry. With five decades of maritime industry experience, Jumbo is today a leading offshore installation contractor providing customers with simple, robust and efficient transport and installation solutions.


With their track record and technical expertise, Jumbo’s offshore division have built a solid reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of cost effective transport and offshore installation solutions. Market leading costs and efficiency in executing all offshore works on a lump sum basis, has enabled their customers to build scale for their offshore developments.

Offshore Heavy Lifting
In relative shallow water environments, Jumbo are experts in the installation of fixed facilities such as piled foundations, templates, conductors, jackets and topsides. This also includes wind turbine foundations where they are experts in the installation of mono-piles and transition pieces.

Subsea Lifting Operations
In more challenging deep water and ultra deep water, Jumbo excels in Subsea Lifting of large and complex structures and foundations. This also includes the provision of complete FPSO Mooring System installations. As wind farms further develop into deeper water Jumbo draws on an unsurpassed subsea and mooring installation experience, gained in the oil & gas industry, to grow unique T&I solutions for floating wind farm structures anchored to the seabed.

Reliable Strength.