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The Netherlands
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In the field of rig and crew management, Lowland International is a world class provider. Lowland International delivers its services to the worlds largest multinationals and also medium sized companies. With the network of global offices that we have, we are able to deliver the right levels of expertise at the right location at the right time.

Lowlands most important activity is the supply of crew management, maintenance personnel and operational personnel for offshore installations, dive support vessels, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, sea-going vessels and also expertise for the wind energy sector.

Standards and accrediatation
The crew that Lowland International supplies consists of our own personnel who are selected via a careful screening procedure, in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and MLC 2006 guidelines.

In addition, FPAL accreditation gives the group leverage and recognition as a quality supplier of services

The Lowland Way
During and after the voyage, or when a project has finished, we evaluate the results not only with the client but also with the employee to ensure transparency and feedback to both parties.

Lowland International had a specialist department dedicated in supplying offshore medical and safety personnel and also critical medical supplies.

Not only for drilling rigs, but also for dive support vessels, Lowland supplies experienced and highly educated hyperbaric nurses, doctors and safety officers.

The medical department also performs stringent medical examinations from fully advance cardio screening to simple medical tests.

Lowland International - excellence delivered!

Arthur Fickel
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