The Netherlands has been a leader in the production of natural gas for the past half century. Oil and gas has traditionally been an important source of revenue, employment and innovation for the country. Gas will continue to play a significant role in the Dutch energy mix for the next 2 decades. Beyond that, there remains a vast exploration potential on the Dutch Continental Shelf.


Looking forward, one of the sector’s key challenges is the safe and efficient decommissioning of ageing oil and gas infrastructure. Given the maturity of many fields, both onshore and offshore, and current low commodity prices, the activities related to decommissioning will increase from now on.

At the same time strong shifts in public sentiment and climate change concerns move the economy towards a renewable future, hence the contribution of the oil and gas industry to the energy mix declines over the next decades. This transition presents an opportunity to re-use existing infrastructure to complement renewable investments before eventual safe and efficient decommissioning.

Besides that, we see another significant opportunity for our industry and that is the emergence of the offshore wind industry. IRO members play an important role in the installation/construction of offshore wind farms and make use of the experience and technology developed over the last 45 years for the offshore oil and gas industry. Working on and applying innovations in our industry remains an important priority. Besides that, cooperation between operators and suppliers and among suppliers themselves creates value to the industry and should be part of the current survival strategy.

The actual market situation shifting to oil and gas and offshore wind and renewable energy activities provides a number of changes for IRO and its members. From now on IRO will be named The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry.

This catalogue (formerly known as Netherlands Oil & Gas Catalogue) has therefore been renamed to the Netherlands Suppliers Catalogue 2017. We proudly present its first edition, which gives a clear overview of the activities, products and services of Dutch suppliers and is an important tool to promote the Dutch oil, gas and offshore renewable supply industry all over the world. It has been compiled with great care and can also be found online at

Our members look forward to working with you and we are sure this catalogue will help you to do business successfully!

Sander Vergroessen
Managing Director

IRO - The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry.