Resato International BV 5. Equipment Supply

Resato International BV

Duitslandlaan 1
9403 DL Assen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)50 5016877

Resato is a manufacturer of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of its worldwide customers. Our core competence is to create, control and manipulate high pressure in fluids and gases in order to develop products, systems, and solutions for various applications such as pressure testing, controlling, filling, compression, and more.

With 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we have become an expert in the design and making of high pressure solutions. Our product range includes high pressure components and systems for testing, injection, and controlling that operate up to 14,000 bars. You can find Resato products in the oil & gas industry, hose industry, mining industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, and many more.

Oil and gas field equipment
- Wellhead control panels
- BOP control units
- Chemical injection units 

Pressure test & control equipment 
- Mobile air driven pump units
- Mobile air driven gas compressor units
- Workshop pressure test units

High pressure pumps & gas compressors 
- Air driven pumps & gas compressors
- Hydraulic driven pumps & gas compressors
- Hand pumps & spindle pumps 

High-pressure valves & fittings
- Hand operated & air actuated needle valves
- Fittings & adapters
- Tubing, check valves & filters

High-pressure measuring equipment
- Pressure gauges & recorders
- Pressure transmitters
- PC data acquisition & recording systems