Keppel Verolme B.V. 3. Construction & Fabrication

Keppel Verolme B.V.

Prof. Gerbrandyweg 25
3197 KK Rotterdam - Botlek
The Netherlands
+31 (0)181 234300

Keppel Verolme operates a ship- and offshore yard which has direct access to the North Sea. Yard has three graving drydocks with the largest drydock measuring 405m x 90m, with water depth of 11.6m and 2000m of quay side with a water depth of up to 12m.

- Dry-docking, repair and maintenance, modification, conversion and construction of vessels and offshore units.
- Serve the decommissioning market in dismantling and recycling any offshore structure.
- Support European offshore wind energy sector.