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OFFCO presents a New Access System to lower the DAY RATE.

The OPTS opens a new market for passenger transfer. Exciting systems are based on gangway principals and focused on the energy market as wind turbine access. With the OPTS the operator is in control and is transferred to the offshore structure by the new equipment fully compensated of all vessel motions. The equipment is engineered for offshore application and fully controlled and compensation by high sophisticated control systems based on a vessel with minimum DP 2 requirements.

OPTS the Offshore Passenger Transfer System is a technologically advanced piece of equipment mounted on to a floating structure (vessel, barge or platform) to transfer persons or loads to another structure (vessel, barge of platform) under the present conditions (weather, distance and motions) of the control system for easy and safe access or transfer in marine environment.

Operational conditions:
- Environment: offshore in line with Sea State 4
- Footprint: based on 8" x 8" or 20 or 40 foot HQ container or open
- Gross weight: app 15 tons
- Ambient temperature: -20°C...45°C
- Estimated life time: 10 years
- Certification: DNV-GL St 0358 and 378
- Operational height: from sea level to vessel -6 m, deck to offshore structure 20 m above deck level
- Outreach: app 24 m depending on load
- Accuracy: 10 cm or better
- Number of persons: 4 or 6 casualty + tools

- The OPTS outperform all other systems available in the market at the moment and has the following features:
- Deck space and connection 8" x 8" foot
- Transport situation 40" x 8" HQ
- Outfitting only some deck reinforments
- Weight app 15 tons and in reduced execution 6 tons
- Low installed power 2 x 75 Kw
- Reach horizontal 24 m and 20 m above deck till -6 m below deck level
- Easy mobilization and demobilization
- Easy adjustable for fire fighting