Combifloat Systems BV 5. Equipment Supply

Combifloat Systems BV

Rivium Quadrant 75
2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 4370811

Combifloat Systems BV, founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1957, is stronger than ever. Operating on all continents Combifloat is exporting 95% of its products, whether floating or elevated.

Last year Combifloat moved their headquarters to the new location at Rivium Quadrant 75, 8th floor in Capelle aan den IJssel while still having their office in Dubai, in addition to a network of agents worldwide. These days Combifloat operates three fabrication sites in Europe and the Middle-East.

Next to operating the world’s biggest modular platform capable of lifting over a 1000 mt payload, it is completing its design of a semi-modular monohull measuring 45 x 60 mtr, capable of operating in over 60 mtr of waters with an approx 2000mt payload.

This unit will be dedicated to the oil and gas/ renewable industry as opposed to the marine construction market where most of the turnover was generated in the past. 

Most recent contracts required mobilization of equipment to Germany, France, Caribbean, Iraq, Oman, UAE and South America.

Combifloat’s services to the oil and gas industry include a.o. geotechnical works, explorational drilling, cable/pipe laying, accommodation, early production etc.

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