Smulders 3. Construction & Fabrication


Hoge Mauw 200
2370 Arendonk
+32 14 672 281

Smulders is an international organisation working at five branch offices:  Iemants, Willems, Smulders Projects, Smulders Projects UK and Spomasz. We are a sound and flexible business partner, offering more than 50 years’ experience in the engineering, construction, supply and assembly of steel constructions. 

Oil & Gas
Since the eighties, Iemants has participated in many projects for the oil and gas industry. For the offshore oil & gas market Smulders offers a.o. platforms, jackets and subsea structures, either their individual manufacture or as full-scale EPCI projects. 

Offshore Wind
Over the years, Smulders Projects has evolved from pioneer to market leader with an established track record of more than 1,500 produced foundations, either being transition pieces, jackets or gravity based foundations.

With regards to substations, Iemants offers a full range of services from fabrication to complete EPCI projects. By internally sharing and maintaining the acquired knowledge, the engineering team has all the required know-how at  their disposal. This knowledge is not solely restricted to steel constructions, but complemented with disciplines such as electrical, HVAC and utility design. 

Production facilities
All aspects of the production process are managed in-house and divided amongst different subsidiaries within Smulders:
- Iemants – Arendonk, Belgium (headquarters): sales, project management, design, engineering and fabrication of steel structures;
- Smulders Projects  – Hoboken, Belgium: production and assembly of foundations, substations and large offshore structures;
- Smulders Projects UK – Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: production and assembly of foundations and substations;
- Spomasz – Zary, Poland: production of secondary steel components;
- Willems – Balen, Belgium: design, engineering and fabrication of steel structures.