Elcee Holland B.V. 5. Equipment Supply

Elcee Holland B.V.

Kamerlingh Onnesweg 28
3316 GL Dordrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)78 6544777

Elcee Holland B.V. has many years of experience in the Offshore Industry! Elcee consists of 4 industrial business units. Our business units Bearing Technology and Lifting Equipment are especially active in the Offshore market! 

Our patented product-line TriboTop® composite bearings offers a high quality alternative to existing bearing material. These laminated or wrapped materials can be supplied as machined parts to drawing, such as bearings, rings, sliding pads, spherical bearings and rollers.

In heavy duty applications our TriboSteel® and TriboBall® (spherical) bearings are used to accommodate misalignment from mounting or shaft de ection. Our ESBS spherical bearing was nominated for the ‘Made in Holland’ award. 

Lifting Equipment 
Our Lifting department provides lifting products like master links and shackles from Gunnebo® for the offshore market. All products are DNV2.7-1 approved. Our Gunnebo Johnson ForgeFabTM sheaves are also frequently used in the offshore industry. The ForgefabTM sheaves are spin-hardened with a groove hardness of min. 45HRC, 2.5 mm deep, all the way to the top of the groove. The process of hardening gives them superior life expectancy and makes them extremely suitable for lifting in harsh environments.

Please contact our Lifting department: lifting@elcee.nl or our Bearing department: bearings@elcee.nl for more information.