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Altheris, Sensors & Controls

Vlietweg 17A
2266 KA Leidschendam
The Netherlands
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Altheris Sensors & Controls turns every measurement challenge into a sensor solution! We are your expert partner for (customized) unique sensors, instrumentation, turn-key measurement systems and industrial joysticks. For the Offshore, Renewable energy and Oil & Gas sector we offer a special program that includes the state-of-the art Fiber Optic Sensors, ATEX certified sensors and joysticks.

Altheris is founded in 1947 in the Netherlands and part of the Althen Sensors & Controls Group. In the near future Altheris and Althen will join forces and continue as Althen Sensors & Controls.

The Altheris formula
It is Altheris’ mission to offer high quality tailor made sensors & controls solutions for your applications. Years and years of experience and technical expertise allow us to be involved in the early engineering stage.  The sensor & measurement solutions that Altheris offers can be divided into Test & Measurement, OEM applications and Automation control applications. We supply measurement solutions to a large diversity of well-known companies within different industries.

You will find our sensor & measurement solutions anywhere:
Offshore/heavy duty: oil & gas solutions, hoisting equipment, monitoring systems, cranes & crane load testing, fork lifts, weighing systems.
- Maritime/harbor: propeller shaft earthing, work boats, cargo ships
Renewable energy: wind turbine installation equipment.
Civil engineering: grounds, bridges, dams, water drinking systems.
Medical: joystick to control MRI, C-Arm X-Ray, patient table.
Railway: analysis of wheel profile, disk wear and labor saving software.
Agriculture/special vehicle: sprayers, forestry harvesters.
Aviation: air data management, navigation systems.
Robotics: operations, machinery maintenance.
Automation: monitoring systems.

Altheris is a NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certified organization.

Contact our technical engineers at: or +31 (0)70 392 44 21