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Alfa Laval Benelux B.V.

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The Netherlands
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In oil and gas, the work is never easy, but it becomes simpler with the right partner at your side. High- performance technology, combined with deep knowledge and broad services, can secure your performance. And that’s where Alfa Laval comes in. Drawing on decades of field experience, we bring you robust solutions that mean easy integration, trouble-free uptime and long-term efficiency.

Alfa Laval is involved in the full spectrum of oil and gas processes, both land-based and offshore: 
- Drilling: Drilling ships, rigs and mud plants use Alfa Laval equipment and services to minimize their mud bills, ensure a dust contained working environment, minimize pollution and much more.
Oil: Offshore platforms including FPSO, onshore oil plants including oil sands plants, receiving terminals and pipeline compression stations.
- Gas: Gas- and LNG plants including FLNG, receiving terminals and pipeline compression stations. 

Oil and gas producers face increasingly stringent local, national and international regulations for waste management and emissions control. Rely on Alfa Laval for innovative and compliant solutions for treatment of ballast water, oily water, deck drain water and produced water as well as exhaust gas cleaning and slop oil and oily waste treatment.

Alfa Laval helps oil and gas producers to
-  Optimize heat transfer, separation, mixing/blending and tank cleaning
-  Generate fresh water, steam, heat and inert gas
-  Purify waste water, ballast water, fuel oil, lube oil and waste oil through centrifugal separation and evaporation

Tim van den Wijngaart, Application Engineer, Energy Division: +31 (0)76 5791264 Sancho Hofman, Head of Sales & Service, Energy Division: +31 (0)6 2065 6747

The organization backs them with a global availability of spare parts and worldwide offshore certified service engineers.