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Operational cost savings with Dyneema®, ’the world’s strongest fiber TM
DSM’s HMPE, branded as Dyneema®, has a proven track record in ropes and slings for the offshore energy industry, offering a unique combination of extreme strength, light weight and narrow diameter necessary for towing arrays, slings, rig mooring, deep-sea installations and offshore positioning. Ropes and slings made with Dyneema® are helping offshore operators go deeper and further, they make it possible to open up new fields while reducing operational risks and costs.

Deeper waters
As the world’s demand for energy intensifies, and platforms move farther offshore and into deeper, more-challenging environments, it is crucial to have reliable and very durable ropes and slings that are easy to handle and transport. For scenarios such as ultra-deep moorings or ultra-deep installations, lines made from conventional steel wire and other synthetics become too heavy or bulky and difficult to handle.

DSM has introduced Dyneema® DM20 fiber for permanent loadings and Dyneema® XBO Technology for increased bending performance. Dyneema® XBO Technology works perfectly with Dyneema® DM20 fiber. The resulting fiber - Dyneema® DM20 XBO - is ideal for designing high strength lightweight synthetic ropes for deep sea cranes that can run for long periods at maximum payload, even at significantly elevated core temperatures.

Industry partnerships
DSM Dyneema values its cooperation and partnerships with leading rope manufacturers and continuously works towards improvements and application developments for the marine industry, including offshore, fishing, aquaculture, lifting, salvage, mooring and towing. To support this endeavor the company has its own well-equipped testing facilities and is constantly collaborating with institutes, customers and end users.