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EverSea N.V.

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As part of the DEME-group EverSea NV is a specialist in complex offshore marine construction projects. EverSea NV offers a wide variety of services in the sector of offshore Oil & Gas. EverSea NV relies on its ability to provide innovative and reliable solutions through high-tech equipment. EverSea NV operates a fleet of eight jack-up vessels and one floating heavy lift vessel allsuitable for the Oil & Gas market.

‘ORION’ with 3000 ton crane at 50m radious, floating
DP3 vessel (new build delivery 2019)
‘Apollo’ with 800 ton crane, water depth 65m (new build
delivery 2017)
‘Innovation’ with 1500 ton crane, water depth 45m
‘Neptune’ with 600 ton crane, water depth 40m
‘Thor’ with 500 ton crane, water depth 40m
‘Goliath’ with 400 ton crane, water depth 40m

EverSea NV offers first-class global offshore contracting solutions to operators. EverSea NV has the skills, the technology, and the equipment to perform in the most challenging marine environment. Always working closely with the clients, EverSea NV understands what it takes to deliver a project cost-effectively, safely and on time. With this in mind, EverSea NV firmly believes we can offer an integrated solution for Oil & Gas challenges worldwide but in particular in the Southern North Sea.

- Installation works with jack-up platforms and heavy lift vessel
- Transportation & Installation of Minimum Facility Platforms (EPCI)
- Decommissioning works including preparation, removal and disposal
- Plug & Abandonment of wells (P&A)
- Well Service Intervention
- Accommodation and Maintenance Services
- Carbon Capture & Storage (CSS)

Mr. Niels van Berlaer, General Manager

Member of the DEME Group
Member of DECOM North Sea
FPAL Verified: 10054164