Hydac BV 5. Equipment Supply

Hydac BV

P.O.Box 447
5700 AK Helmond
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 0597001

Hydac is a leading manufacturer of components, sub-systems and complete systems for hydraulics, lubrication, process engineering and environmental technology suitable for mobile as well as stationary applications. Hydac combines its broad product portfolio with more than 50 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, sales and service to solve the most challenging problems. 

- Filters and filter systems for hydraulics
- De-hydrate systems for  hydraulics
- Filters for process technology (filtration of high and low viscosity fluids, demulsifying, filtration of seawater)
- Piston-, bladder- and diaphragm accumulators
- Hydraulic cylinders
- Cooling systems
- Bieri hydraulics ((micro)pumps, valves, pressure switches & level switches)

Other product divisions include: ball valves, pumps and power unit accessories, electronics and measurement technology, solenoid technology, mounting technology and system technology 

Hydac is specialized in the innovation, engineering, development, simulation, controls, production and service of complex hydraulic systems. Our dedicated and well-experienced team provides you with the best possible solution for your challenge at the lowest total operational cost. From standard to highly custom made systems for every application and for the offshore market in particular.

We frequently are already involved in in-depth discussion with our clients in the (pre)design phase. And there’s a good reason for that. Important to customers is Hydac’s robust understanding of the latest standards and regulations established by certification authorities. If requested, we can put the systems into operation on site. We combine careful implementation with flexibility, working with a firm focus on results, because we know just how expensive non-productivity is in this industry.