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M Restart

Van Vollenhovenstraat 29 6
3016 BG Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 7141800

M Restart 

Expert for Experts

Expert. That’s you... as an entrepreneur in your industry. 

Experts. That’s our group of professionals in the specialized fields. That’s us too, as a partner that brings these professional worlds together. 

M Restart provides worldwide specialist project services in terms of design, engineering, project management, technical and operational support, as well as construction and supervision for offshore construction and installation projects. Besides project services we also can deliver a complete recruitment procedure for permanent staff positions. 

We are a dedicated service provider and can team up based on the actual needs or specific scope of a project. We provide flexible and tailored solutions to our customers. We can deliver complete teams or individual specialist project support depending on your requirements. We are trouble-shooters, flexible in solutions, working transparently, open and honest. 

M Restart is the Expert for Experts.

If you wish to team up for a project, require expertise or are looking for a flexible solution, please contact us at 0031-10-7141800.

Monique van der Palm, Director, Monique@mrestart.nl
Christa Wagemakers, Manager Operations, Christa@mrestart.nl
Frank de Winter, Commercial Manager, Frank@mrestart.nl